Split Ends Techniques and Richfeel Hair Treatment Reviews

Of all kinds of hair problems split ends is something that is most undesirable as that not only damages the hair texture but leads to hair fall and balding too. Split ends not only look ugly but have a major impact on the health of your hair and scalp.

Since, this condition mainly arises from dryness; the following steps can always be followed to prevent split ends from spoiling your hair texture:Image result for Split Ends Techniques and Richfeel Hair Treatment Reviews

Trimming: The best and most potent way of getting rid of split ends is trimming. Even if you love your flowing long tresses you have to go for regular trims to keep the texture of your mane intact.

Oiling: Oiling is synonymous to moisturizing. When you oil your hair before a shampoo, you moisturize it and prevent sudden breakage that may happen when during a shampoo the hair imbibes water and swells up.

Conditioning: As against popular belief, conditioning not only helps in styling your hair better, it also creates a protective layer that safeguards your hair from dust, dirt pollution and harmful rays of the Sun. So, you must condition your hair to prevent dryness leading to split ends.

Proper combing: Now this aspect needs to be looked into from two perspectives. First, the comb that is being used; second the way in which the comb is used. In order to prevent unnecessary hair breakage you must slowly and carefully comb your hair when it is wet as that ways you can easily untangle the knots without tearing away on your hair. Also, you should avoid back brushing your hair when it is wet as that unduly exposes the hair follicles when they are still moist and prone to catching all the dust.

Towel Drying: Not many people pay attention to this aspect. However, rubbing your hair harshly with a towel when it is still wet and supple can lead to massive hair breakage and split ends. You must always pat dry your hair and let it air dry for best results.

Heat Treatment: Blow drying has become an essential activity these days; however this unnecessarily damages the hair and leads to split ends. So if you have time in hand always let the hair dry naturally. However, if you are pressed for time and have to blow dry your hair; always use a nozzle to limit the impact of the hot air.

Chemical Treatments: Whenever you try to change the natural texture and colour of your hair, you have to subject it to chemical treatments which at times even have permanent damaging effects. Therefore, even if you want to colour your hair or get a straighter and conditioned look go for natural alternatives.

Since, these procedures of blow drying, ironing, colouring, straightening or crimping have become necessities in today’s world, hair damage has also become rampant and every other person can be seen complaining about a receding hair line or balding patches.

While it is always advisable to follow the above guidelines to maintain the natural health of your hair, if the damage is already done, you can always opt for restoration techniques like Revolutionary Stem Cell Treatment or Follicular Unit Transplantation. Here Richfeel Anagrow Treatment is one of them and who use this kind of techniques so check out their Richfeel hair treatment reviews video on you tube, reviews on facebook and hair fall treatment reviews on quora . In this technique high precision micro-surgical instruments are used to implant healthy hair follicles in bald patches. These implanted hair follicles then start growing naturally restoring the volume and texture that you always had.

Therefore, now that medical science has remedies for almost every ailment, even hair restoration has gone a step ahead and people can get their lost hair back in no time, that too without any pain or scarring.  

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