Is it the right time to switch birth control?

Birth control is undoubtedly a beautiful thing but determining the right option for birth control is definitely an instance of trial and error. It is always worth to find the right method so that you may know that you’re protected fully. A clinical professor of obstetrics always says that half or more than half of the pregnancies which occur in the US take place in an unplanned manner and among most of these cases, the women claim to have been taking a contraception method. Then where is the problem? Why did they get pregnant even if they had birth control pills?

Hence, in order to ensure that the method that you’re using is the perfect one for you, here are few signs that you should watch out for.

#1: No amount of alarms can make you remember about the pill

If you take a look into the studies of the usage of birth control, women usually forget on an average 4 pills every month. If you forget to take one and then later on take the pill a little late, this won’t be a big deal but if you tend to keep doing that in a row, this is going to be a high rate of failure. Talk to the doctor and speak to him about daily life, the methods to use like the ring, IUD or the patch method.

#2: You can have breakthrough bleeding

Breakthrough bleeding can occur whenever you start a new tactic but this will go away later on. If this continues, the doctor can put you on a pill with increased dose of hormones. Breakthrough bleeding can sometimes become scary but this isn’t a big deal. If the lining is gradually building up, there will not be enough glue to make it stay inside, if there is extra, it will definitely trickle out. So, in case such mid-month surprises keep bothering you, you should look for some other method.

#3: You’re having serious instances of mood swings

While you’re dealing with hormonal birth control, mood swings will be a common issue and this could happen due to the high levels of progestin that are present in the medicines. The main thing to remember is that all methods of birth control will have several components of progestin which set an impact on the emotions of the women.

#4:  You are feeling extremely bloated

All such pills have estrogen in them and this is the component which can retain fluid and this lead to bloating. If you are feeling something more than being bloated, talk to your doctor about changing the pills because the type of progestin within them will act as a diuretic.

#5: You have terrible migraines with changes in vision

If you’re taking a birth control pill and you get migraine, ensure telling your doctor whether or not it is accompanied by migraine and vision changes. Women who are taking birth control pills and who are getting migraines will have a higher risk of stroke and blood clots.

Hence, if you’re wondering about the worthy reasons to switch your birth control pills, take into account the above mentioned ones.

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