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Breathing is the most natural process that is occurring in our body. It is happening since the day you arrived in this world and will continue to happen till the day you are here. But, this natural and easy occurring procedure might not be that simple for everyone. People who are unaware of the hardships that some of them go through due to respiratory problems need to know all about it. And, for those of you who suffer from respiratory issues learn every bit about it from us. Respiration-related problem is a broad concept that has way too many conditions involved in it.

What do we mean by respiratory diseases?

In lay man’s terms, respiratory diseases involve conditions that can affect any part of your respiratory system. Respiratory infections can affect the lungs, upper respiratory tract, bronchial tubes, pleural cavity, trachea, nerves, muscles and other parts that are involved with respiration. The different types of respiratory diseases that affect a human body can include inflammation caused in the lungs, obstruction caused in the lungs, an infection caused in the respiratory tract and so many others. Respiratory problems may arise due to cold or weather change. This problem, however, isn’t that serious and goes away eventually. But, bacterial pneumonia or pulmonary embolism are two problems that have life-threatening impacts on a person’s body.

What are the types of respiratory diseases?

The names that we are about to mention below are some of the major respiratory diseases that affect people worldwide. Some of these diseases show symptoms that only last for a few days whereas others need the proper medical attention from a specialist.

  1.    Cystic Fibrosis.
  2.    Asthma.
  3.    Lung Cancer.
  4.    Tonsillitis.
  5.    Acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  6.    Tuberculosis.
  7.    Emphysema.
  8.    Pneumonia.
  9.    Pharyngitis.
  10.    Different infections like sinusitis, Otitis Media, and laryngitis.

What are the symptoms of respiratory diseases that you should watch out for?

Some of the symptoms that will help you identify a particular respiratory disease before it has life-altering implications are mentioned below. Watch out for these and visit a doctor before it is too late.

  •    Problems related to breathing.

When the airway in your body becomes narrow, you start to hear whizzing. You also run out of breath with little or no physical activity.

  •    Pain in the throat.

When you are coughing a lot, and for more than a week, you start undergoing a lot of pain in the throat. This can cause loss of voice and change in your tone. People find it hard to swallow food.

  •    Swelling.

If your toes and fingers start swelling, then there is a reason to call the doctor. It is mostly combined with coughing.

  •    Pain in the chest.

The uneasiness or tightness caused in the chest is another sign of respiratory disease.

  •    Blood.

When there is blood with your sputum, then there is nothing you should wait for. Call for medical attention as fast as possible.

How can you treat the problems of respiratory diseases?

If the problems related to your respiration aren’t that scary, then there are some ways that you can try out for relief.

Start and end your day by gargling.

When the respiratory disease is causing some form of irritation in your throat then gargling is the best way out. In a glass full of lukewarm water add a teaspoon of salt. Gargle thoroughly for some time. Do it after you are done brushing in the morning as well as at night.

Stay away from smoke.

The majority of the symptoms that are triggered in a respiratory disease are caused due to smoking or due to exposure to second-hand smoke. Quit smoking as fast as you can and if you are not a smoker then try wearing a mask when you go outside.

Use of liquorice.

Liquorice is one of the best ways to cure any respiratory disease. It is full of antiviral, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and anti-bacterial properties. The soothing effects of liquorice root will bring you relief and clear your sinuses. You can buy liquorice root from The great deals and fantastic offers here will blow your mind away.

There are a variety of other herbs and natural remedies that can take care of the problems that you are facing due to respiratory diseases. Gingko, echinacea, peppermint, mullein, oregano, cannabis and thyme are some of the many remedies available right within your reach. But, if the symptoms aren’t mild, then it is a doctor that you will need. With proper medical expertise and the right dosage of medication, you will be fit and fine.

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