Requisite Knowledge of Becoming a Boxer

Boxing has been largely popular with the people across the world. However, not all people would be aware about the evolution of the game throughout the passage of time. It may sound peculiar that the first game of boxing was recorded in the year 1681, which would be almost three centuries ago. However, there were no rules in that game held in Britain. However, later, the rules were introduced in the sport after 60 years in 1743. Let us know about the rules of the game.

What rules were introduced in the sport?

Several rules were introduced in the game considering the aggressive nature of the sport. The foremost rule was that of the 30-second count in event of the boxer falling down and unable to continue the fight. Failing which, the opponent would be awarded the winner. The other rules were that of the fight being limited to a 3-minute round only. Moreover, a boxer would be required to wear boxing gloves ad mouth guard as protective accessory. Similarly, more rules were added pertaining to the weight category. Earlier there were eight major weight categories, which were later increased to 17 major weight categories. The boxer would have a similar weight opponent in the fight.

Essential nutrition for boxing

The boxer would be required to introduce carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet plan. It would be pertinent to mention here that the boxer should combine a healthy exercise regime with dedicated diet plan for healthy lifestyle and staying fit needs. A majority of boxers have started incorporating protein shakes to be additional supplements as working aid.

Style and technique of boxing

The two major techniques of boxing would entail power and speed. However, most boxers would have one technique, but would look forward to incorporating the other in their boxing style.

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