The Original P.W.A.H™

What it is:

The Original Pillow with a Hole is a unique pillow designed to treat ear conditions such as ear pressure sores (CNH) and chronic ear pain. Its design aids healing and allows you to sleep easily with ear piercings and ear plugs.

It achieves this through its patented hole design. Simply; there is a hole in the middle of the pillow which cradles the ear and allows it to rest comfortably without rubbing against the fabric of either the pillow or the bed. This is important because many chronic ear problems are caused by the pressure of your pillow damaging your ear while you sleep.

Why do I need one?

As noted above; the majority of painful ear conditions and ear pressure sores are the result of the friction and pressure of your own pillow acting upon your ear while you sleep. The fabric of your pillow and the pressure of your head lying upon it rubs the skin of the ear until it begins to become damaged, weaken and break-down. This is particularly the case if the person is elderly or if they are a routine side-sleeper. Once the pressure sore or ulcer begins to present itself, it will not go away until the source of pressure, your pillow, is removed. For more information on this painful condition take a look at this useful resource: CNH Ear

That makes for uncomfortable reading and probably makes you wonder; “how can I sleep without a pillow?”

Well, the good news is that there is a specially designed ear hole pillow that has a unique design allowing you to sleep comfortably on a pillow without putting any pressure on your ear.  Many doctors aren’t aware of this simple and effective solution and still prescribe creams and ointments. These go some way to address the symptoms but not the root cause, and therefore the condition persists.

The Pillow with a Hole is also useful for helping the ear heal quickly after ear surgery and for alleviating the discomfort of ear piercings.

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