How to Offer Your Clients Add-on Services

Personal trainers have the unique ability to help their clients reach their fitness goals and become healthier and happier as a result. They do this by creating a diet and exercise program that meets their clients’ needs and abilities and by encouraging them in the gym when training. Another way personal trainers can help their clients lose weight and get in shape is by offering add-on services. These services are often taught by a certified instructor in a personal trainer course near you.

    Add-on services can include specialised training sessions, extended sessions, massage services if they are certified and spiritual services such as one on one yoga. All of these services can benefit the client as long as they see value in them and as long as they have trust in the trainer to provide professional services that the personal trainer is skilled and knowledgeable in.

    Regardless of the type of add-on service that is being offered, your clients will feel the need to validate them. Clients will want to make sure that trainers are not just turning a standard procedure into a marketing gimmick. While the lack of regulation for add-on services in the personal training industry may make things unclear. Here are some things clients might do:

  1. Ask for certification: When a trainer is offering additional services, it is important for you to ask for proof of training or certifications. A certification should be given by an organization that’s universally accepted in the personal training field, at least on a national scale. You should investigate the organization and confirm that the certification is legitimate.
  2. Ask for references: Add-on services should bring results and benefit your clients and before purchasing any additional services, your clients might want some references or feedback from previous clients. Be sure to have references ready for those clients who need a bit more convincing.

    Add-on services can be a good source of additional income for a personal trainer and the services you offer should be relevant to your client’s needs and they should offer benefits that your clients need to help them reach their fitness goals.

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