Major Causes of Small Breast Size

When a teenager commences developing her bodily assets, she gets proud of enjoying every bit of her womanhood. Right from a teenager to a woman with completely developed breasts, the time period is quite sensitive. However, as you may know the breast size differs from woman to woman. There are a lot of woman who fail to develop fuller breasts. And, women shouldn’t assume that the breast size will not increase after the age of 20.

The body of a woman is under constant change and evolution. However, you will come across a lot of woman who have small breasts. If you think that it is just you with small breast, then you will be surprised to find out that having small breast isn’t anything unusual. It is just the game of hormones. Yes, the major cause of smaller breast size is hormones. Even genetics is one of the major causes behind it.

  • Genetics: a woman may have small breasts because of breast hypoplasia. It is the term which defines underdevelopment of breasts because of family, without any medical link to it.
  • Vitamin deficiency: deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to lower development of a woman’s breast and this is not always triggered by poor diet. The major cause of this deficiency includes sudden development spurts, too much intake of junk food and heavy menstruation during adolescence. Under such circumstances, the woman’s body commences to distribute the resources to handle the more severe issues happening in her body rather than focusing on the breasts. Thus, it prohibits the growth of breasts.
  • Hormonal imbalance: if hormones are the main reason of stopping the growth of breast, it has several other effects on the body of a girl like excessive hair growth on her body and acne.
  • Menstruation: girls who get their first period quite late also have small breast issues. It is known as delayed menarche. Small breast is a common issue in women with irregular menses or heavy menses.
  • Emotional problems: in some women, severe trauma or depression or an unforgettable teenage scar could stop breast from developing properly.
  • Energy block: breast growth can also be stopped because of energy blockage. Chinese medication can help you about the different movements that complement each other and promote breast development. A woman may feel different physical symptoms is balance isn’t maintained in between these movements. Women with small breast are short of energy and vitality.
  • Some of the other causes of small breast size are drugs, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, poor fat content, and hormonal deficiency in puberty etc.

Rather than spending money on breast surgery, you can opt for exercises, Chinese medication, homeopathy and other natural remedies. With right nutrition, you can add to your breast size. Try these ways naturally to add to your breast size in a non-surgical way. You can even a consult a doctor for better results. But going for surgeries and breast implant isn’t a recommendable condition as everyone isn’t ready to go under the knife.

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