The Main Causes of Tooth Decay

A tooth decay is also known as a cavity, and it occurs when the bacteria that live in your mouth produces an acid. The acid starts to eat away your teeth, and if you fail to treat the condition, it may lead to extreme pain and loss of the tooth. The process of tooth decay usually begins with the damage of the enamel before it progresses to the pulp.

Improper nutrition

A Manassas dentist advises against foods rich in sugar, high carbohydrates, and high acid. This is the best way you can use to prevent tooth decay. You should stick to a healthy diet which comprises healthy food and a lot of fruits. You also need to avoid surgery acidic drinks.


Sometimes people have tooth decay because of inherited genes. It is the same way you inherit the color of your eyes and skin color from your family members. It is possible to inherit deep tooth crevices and severe enamel issues which lead to tooth decay.

Poor oral hygiene practices

It isn’t just about brushing your teeth regularly; a Manassas dentist say that poor oral hygiene practices include not flossing regularly, failure to brush your tongue and not using mouth wash. Be sure to brush your tooth at least twice very day-morning and night. Spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. Poor oral hygiene will lead to tooth decay. Make a point of even using a timer to make sure that you spend the full two minutes brushing your mouth.

Avoiding a dentist

No matter how great you are at taking care of your teeth, avoiding a dentist can be lead to a tooth decay. You need to see a dentist at least twice in a year for interior cleaning of your teeth and x-rays.

Tooth Grinding

Many people won’t even realize it when they are grinding their teeth. In most cases, teeth grinding occurs when one is asleep or when they are under immense stress. Tooth grinding tends to strip away the outer layer of the of your tooth enamel which leads to tooth decay. You can prevent tooth decay by reducing your stress level or by using a bite guard regularly.

Enamel issues

If you have deep crevices or enamel issues, chances of you suffering from tooth decay are high. Deep crevices usually allow bacteria easy access to growing. You can use dental sealant to prevent tooth decay if you have deep tooth crevices. A dental sealant is only used to prevent tooth decay in an uninfected tooth.

Dry mouth issues

Saliva helps in inhibiting the growth of plaque. If your mouth is ever dry, you are most likely going to experience dental issues which may lead to tooth decay. A dry mouth may be caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, or it is an inherited condition or caused by a certain medical prescription. A Manassas dentist works closely with patients to prevent further tooth decay due to dry mouth issues.

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