Lyme Disease: Origin and Early Signs

Lyme disease is a potentially severe disease that is passed to humans by the bite of ticks that carry the Borrelia bacteria. Fortunately, Lyme disease treatment Leesburg VA is readily available should you have health concerns about this disease.

History of Lyme Disease

In the United States, Lyme disease was first recognized in the area around Lyme, CT, in 1975. Shortly thereafter, the connection was made that the disease is transmitted by certain species of ticks, particularly deer ticks, also known as the black-legged tick. The emergence of Lyme disease in the northeastern United States may be attributed to changes in land use: land that was once principally used for agriculture is now being developed for residential use. These days, in CT alone, over 30,000 people are diagnosed annually with the disease.

Early Signs of Lyme Disease

The flowing may manifest as early signs that you have become infected with Lyme disease:

  • Rash with Bull’s-Eye Pattern.
  • Fever and Chills.
  • Muscular and Joint Pain.
  • Excessive Fatigue.
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes.

The rash with a bull’s-eye pattern is the iconic symptom associated with Lyme disease. The red bull’s eye develops around the areas of the tick bite. Keep in mind that other situations can cause bull’s-eye rash, such as common spider bites.

It is important to realize that some of these signs are consistent with other, generally less severe conditions. If you have them and have recently been in an outdoor area with tall grass and brush, you may want to get check out by a medical professional.

What to Do if You Suspect that You Are Infected

If you sho andy of the early signs of Lyme disease, please get examined by a health professional, Remember, delaying treatment may result in a more difficult and severe case of Lyme disease that if assessed early.

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