Lifestyle Tips to Improve Sperm Quality

Keep heat away from your pelvis:  Ever wonder why Dr.’s suggest wearing boxers instead of briefs?  Ends up your testicles need to be 2 degrees cooler than core body temperature.  Thus your testicles need to be able to lift and lower in an effort to keep that 2-degree difference.  

This helps treat male infertility. If you are wearing tight underwear your testicles are not able to move far enough away from your trunk to keep cool.  When sperm are exposed to higher temperatures they die.  Thus, anything you can think of that increases temperature in the pelvic area, stop doing.  This goes for hot tubs, saunas, computers on your lap and cell phones in your back pocket.  Try to keep an awareness of this temperature requirement in all activities, and cool yourself as needed.Image result for Lifestyle Tips to Improve Sperm Quality

Remove all plastic food and drink containers from your life:  Plastics contain endocrine disruptors; these are synthetic hormones that disrupt your natural hormone cycle.  When plastic is heated, it releases these chemicals into your food and water.  This can be from simply leaving your plastic water bottle in your car on a hot day to actually heating food in a plastic container using the microwave.  Instead, switch all your containers to either glass or stainless steel.  Nowadays, these types of containers are easy to find and there are many sizes/shapes to choose from.

Eat organically:  Pesticides are chemicals that are dangerous to your health in general but they also contain endocrine disruptors.  In the case of meat and dairy, these also contain antibiotics and/or hormones.  When you choose to eat organic you are saying no to pesticides, no to antibiotics, no to hormones and no to GMO’s.  Whenever possible, choose organic fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy.  We still don’t know the long term effects of GMO’s, so play it safe and avoid these all together.

Remove chemicals from your house:  Household cleaners contain many chemicals that are toxic and once again, disrupt your hormones.  They stay on surfaces, get on your hands, affect your food in the kitchen and even have an effect on your respiratory system.  There are plenty of natural products on the market now to switch out those old cleaners.  And, there are simple, cheap alternatives right in your cupboard such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon.  You can pretty much use those 3 ingredients to clean anything in your house.

Start taking a Fertility Blend:  There are many fertility blends on the market, find one you like that contains antioxidants, CoQ10 (ubiquinol) and Acetyl L-Carnitine.  There are many other supplements that are added to fertility blends, make sure the above three are in the one you purchase.  I usually recommend Coast Science Male Fertility MFSg4 or FertileAid.

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