Key people to plan around when pregnant

Having a baby is an amazing experience but it isn’t something that just happens by itself. It requires a lot of planning, thought and research and there are many people that need to be factored into the mix. Granted, some people have the tendency to make it more complicated than it needs to be, but it definitely needs thought to ensure that the experience is a positive one for everyone from the mother and father, through to the baby and the entire support crew of family and medical attendants. If 2019 is going to be the year that you bring a baby into the world, here are some people you should think about as you plan for the big day.

Medical people

It is worth saying that if you are pregnant and having a baby you are not sick. In fact, you are very well. It is an important thing to remember because we tend to visit doctors only when we are sick or when there is a medical emergency – and being pregnant is neither. But medical support is nevertheless important for peace of mind and to help shepherd the whole process along. Find a good doctor and commit to them at the start of the pregnancy. If you don’t have one, a simple internet search for something like, ‘obstetricians Brighton’ should bring about the desired results closer to your home. You might want to meet with a few at the start of the process, which is fine, but once you have found one with whom you feel comfortable and who is willing and able to support your birth plan, commit and move ahead.

Non-medical experts

There are a lot of people who are not doctors who are experts in the birthing process. Having them in the mix is a very good idea as they often bring a more human and less clinical approach to the birth. We are talking midwives and doulas. These are usually women who have been through the birthing process themselves. They are trained and able to respond in emergencies, but they respond to the human and psychological emergencies as well as the medical ones.


This is probably the most sensitive area and where the most offence can be taken. Parents and in-laws, new aunts and uncles all want to be involved and to get their hands on baby as quickly as possible. They are naturally almost as excited as you are, and it is important to remember that their excitement is fuelled by love and good intentions – so treat them with love and care. But they don’t need to be present at the birth if you don’t want them there and they don’t have to be there 20 minutes after baby emerges either. The first few hours after your child is born are incredibly precious and they can be hard to enjoy and fully appreciate if you are inundated with visitors. Manage that expectation early and let it be known that the new mom and dad are planning to spend a bit of time getting to know their child first, before the doors are opened for a meet and greet free for all.


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