Innovative Ways to Combat Hair Loss

Female hair loss affects millions of women across the world, and up until a few years ago, there were limited treatment options available, but modern, non-surgical treatments allow the modern woman to ret6ain her self-confidence when hair loss rears its ugly face. The usual cause of hair loss is a genetic disposition that becomes evident in middle aged women, and it typically causes loss of hair at the sides or the front of your hairline.

Follicle Miniaturisation

This is what happens with some forms of alopecia, and when the new hair follicle grows, it is thinner than its predecessor, and each time the new hair follicle appears, it will be a miniature version of the one before, until it finally stops growing. This gradual process results is permanent hair loss in the affected areas, and there is no medical cure for the condition. If you are seeing some thinning patches in your hair, fear not, as there are non-surgical solutions that can save the day.

Online Solutions

There is effective and affordable female hair replacement from Hair Solved, a leading provider of hair loss solutions in the UK, and with their unique Enhancer system, hair loss is soon a thing of the past. This system is effective for small thinning areas, or a complete transformation, and by using a fine mesh that is woven into the scalp, the technician can begin to add small sections of human hair extensions until your hair is fully restored to its former glory.

Human Hair Extensions

These are the best thing to use when volumising hair that has thinned out in places, and with a careful match, the extensions will be unnoticed and will look and feel as natural as your own hair. The innovative methods to attach the extensions mean you can lead a normal active life, and your hair loss will not be visible at any time.

The Enhancer System

This innovative method of attaching hair extensions involves a fine mesh that sits on the scalp, and can either be fixed by weaving the existing hair, or in the case of total baldness, the mesh is fixed into place using surgical tape. The great thing about the Enhancer is you can live an active life without worrying about your hair, and with the perfect cut, nobody would ever know you had a hair loss issue.

Professional Guidance

If you have noticed more hair than usual on your pillow in the mornings, or after you brush, it could be the onset of hair loss, and the best idea is to talk to a professional company that specialises in hair loss solutions. There are many products on the market that claim to restore hair, yet most of these are designed to protect the remaining hair, rather that regrowth in the thin areas. The best approach is to have hair extensions to return that full hair look, and with regular adjustment sessions, your hair loss problem is a thing of the past.

Hair loss affects many middle aged women and modern, non-surgical solutions allow for a normal life while covering any thin areas of the scalp.

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