How to Detox from Cocaine

Cocaine is a type of stimulant which can have damaging effects on your health. This is both physical and mental – it is very powerful. The short-lived pleasure that people experience from cocaine makes drug more & more addictive, leading to long term damage.

How can someone detox from cocaine safely?

This will make sure that you are looked after, are safe, and also comfortable throughout the entire process. It can be tough. Consider go to drug rehab detox centre.

We also explain what you can do to help yourself throughout the process. While the thought of detoxing can be daunting, it is crucial you take this step so you can live a free life.

What happens when you detox from cocaine?

Your withdrawal will depend on how strong cocaine addiction is. The experience can differ depending on how long you have been abusing the drug for and how strongly you are addicted.

Some symptoms are from detoxing cocaine can include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Sweating
  • Feeling very shaky and shivering
  • Sickness/Nausea
  • Headaches

Your cravings for cocaine will most likely be very strong whilst you are in the detoxing process. In a lot of cases, this makes people choose to relapse. And, so will your chance of staying away from cocaine. The team at the detox clinic will be the best barrier between you and using it again.

How long does a cocaine detox take?

Detox can between 7 to 10 days & is best being followed up with therapy sessions in rehab. However, the time you need detoxing will change according to your circumstances. In a specialist clinic, a doctor will be on hand to monitor you and make sure you are getting an appropriate amount of care and attention.

How can I get help through detox cocaine?

Maintaining healthy habits like eating your three meals a day, and getting daily exercise is important to help you stay on track. If you keep your mind and body as healthy as possible, it will be in the best position to succeed.

Throughout the detoxification process, it is recommended that you keep your mind focused on other activities. This can help you to pass the time, and it will keep your mind off the withdrawal symptoms.

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