How Sober Houses Change Life?

Everyone who wants it deserve a chance at sober living. However, living a sober life after a history and habit of substance abuse is not as easy as it sounds. An addict might give up addiction with some medical help, but the chances of relapse within a month are exceptionally high. The body and mind have a strong initial inclination towards the drug they were not so long ago dependent on. Thus, giving up substance once isn’t enough.

This fact has been scientifically proven by a research conducted by John Hopkins University on 243 people.

  • Some of these participants never visited a sober house. Only 13% of these people didn’t relapse within a month.
  • Some did attend a sober house. About 35% of these patients didn’t relapse at all.
  • Remaining patients attended aftercare programs soon after spending 3 months in a sober house. And, 50% of these people never suffered a relapse ever after 6 months.

The patients, thus, must join a sober living house for a minimum of 3 months. When they live in a continuous clean atmosphere where there’s no way to get hold of drugs even when the body shows substantial craving that patients develop the strength to curb those cravings.

A rehabilitation center like The Recovery Place is a healing center that deals with all the after effects of giving up substances of all kinds. They offer continuous support to patients trying to give up on drugs. A few ways in which such sober houses help addicts include the following.

  1. They Deal With Emergencies

A recovering addict might suffer from a sudden craving that leads to physical or mental distress and extreme difficulty to control the urge. When out of a facility, the patient find it impossible to resist and thus relapse happens. But when in a Sober house, there are doctors and counselors present at all times to help patients during such times.

  1. They Are Aware Of The Importance Of Regular Therapy Sessions

Giving up addiction is not a one-time thing; it is a lifestyle that one needs to develop. Recovering patients need to imbibe the habit of being sober day in and day out. That can happen in the following ways.

  • When patients share their experiences with fellow recovers.
  • When patients can get help whenever needed
  • When they develop healthy lifestyle habits like meditation to develop mental strength

These are the only long-term ways to quit addiction forever.

  1. They Offer Freedom and Guidance

A sober house shouldn’t be a jail where addicts are kept like criminals or people who are a threat to the society. A rehabilitation center that focuses on giving patients a normal atmosphere succeed in actually helping them.

To sum up, a sober house is the only way that patients can give up addiction without constant worry of a relapse.

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