Have Crooked Teeth? What to Expect When You Visit the Orthodontist

Do you feel insecure about having crooked teeth? Not only can crooked teeth cause individuals to struggle with self-esteem issues, but they can also lead to additional health problems. If you want to have straight teeth with a smile that will boost your confidence, you need to make an appointment to see an experienced orthodontist Elmhurst NY has for you to visit.

The Initial Exam

Your trip to the orthodontist will start with an initial exam of the teeth. The orthodontist needs to know what types of dental issues you are dealing with, such as overcrowding, spacing, and/or overlapping teeth. By thoroughly examining the teeth, the orthodontist can determine the best method of treatment for you while making sure you know exactly how long you would likely need to wear your braces to correct these different issues.

Taking Molds of the Teeth

After the exam, you may then have molds taken of your teeth. The orthodontist needs to take these molds to come up with custom braces specifically for you. Not everyone has the same teeth, so you can expect your treatment to be customized superficially for you. Taking the molds of the teeth is not a lengthy process at all.

Applying Spacers Between the Teeth

Your orthodontist may choose to place spacers between your teeth. Placing spacers between the teeth helps to prepare the teeth for the braces that will get installed inside your mouth in the coming weeks.

Putting the Braces on Your Teeth

The final step involves having the braces applied to your teeth. Once your braces are on the teeth, you will still need to visit the orthodontist at least once a month to have your rubber bands changed. During your visit, the orthodontist will monitor your progress to make sure the teeth are shifting in place as they should. You may also ask any questions you have during each visit to the orthodontist’s office.

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