How To Handle A Bad Skin Day

Even people with seemingly perfect complexions suffer from the occasional bad skin day. It may be hormonal, down to a change in diet, or just bad luck, but bad skin days happen. Whether you’re battling with dry, sensitive skin or have flare-ups of acne that you haven’t been able to control, there will be a solution out there for all of your skin concerns. Use these tricks to handle your bad skin days wisely from now on.

  1. Put an end to breakouts. Acne can cause the worst of all bad skin days. When the breakouts get really bad, some people feel so embarrassed that they struggle to leave the house. If you’ve been covering your skin with makeup but haven’t been able to solve your acne issue with any skincare product yet, you’re definitely not alone. There are plenty of adults out there struggling with acne, and it can be a tough condition to treat. Look into a longer-lasting solution like acne treatment kew to get specialist help so your skin stops flaring up for good.
  2. Boost your concealer. If you’re already undergoing a skincare treatment but are waiting for the results to finally show, then the best temporary solution for your bad skin day will be a good-quality concealer. Choose a shade that matches your skin colour or foundation shade, apply to the irritated areas, and gently blend so that the blemish disappears into your skin. Stick applicators are generally the easiest to use and can be blended on any area of your face, whether it’s dark under-eye circles or an irritating pimple.
  3. Supercharge your moisturiser. Dry skin sometimes needs a little extra help. If you’ve woken up to a dry, flaky looking face, your standard day cream routine may not cut it. Make sure your makeup has a perfect base to work with by adding a few drops of facial oil to your moisturiser. Gently massage the oil and lotion into your skin and give it a few minutes to soak in before you continue with your beauty routine. Your skin should have a dewy fresh look and the dry patches will disappear.
  4. Hide puffy eyes. We all know how it feels to look in the mirror the morning after a big night out only to be met by a puffy, exhausted-looking set of eyes. While concealer and highlighter will help disguise the shadows, the puffiness will need to be treated with ice if you want to look fresh again. Pop your eye cream in the freezer overnight to give your skin an early-morning treat, or try the old-school trick of placing spoons in the freezer and then resting them under your eyes when you wake. You can also apply ice to an inflamed pimple to help it settle down to a more manageable size and colour.
  5. Introduce exfoliation. Leaving exfoliation out of your skincare routine could quickly lead to a flaky, dull complexion if you’re prone to dryness. Invest in a rejuvenating face scrub and give your skin a proper clean when it’s looking lacklustre. The exfoliator will clean away all of the dead skin cells and leave a fresh glow. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle exfoliating product that won’t irritate or inflame your skin.

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