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Maintaining oral health is very essential as it ensures you stay healthy overall. In the US, one person out of four suffers from tooth decay problem, and about half of them have infected gums. Oral disease is something ubiquitous in NYC, especially in children. It is thus, essential to take proper care of your gums and teeth right from the childhood. Most of the people are not entirely familiar with the type of dental disorders. A large number of dental diseases have a genetic link and are caused naturally. Fortunately, today’s modern techniques in the dental world have made it possible for you to overcome the problems.  There are a lot of trusted dental care clinics in NYC which you can pay a visit to.

Select the best

When it comes to dental services, Tribeca Dental Care offers you something more than a regular dental clinic. They hire some of the best dentists in New York City. Their doctors are not only experts having professional training but also extremely friendly and patiently to listen to your problems. They also ensure that they explain you in detail about the procedure you would be going through. Once you have visited the clinic, their staff members make sure that you don’t leave without a general idea about dental care and hygiene. So, if you are facing any dental issues, it is suggested that you book yourself an appointment today and get to know about some of the best services like tooth extraction, mouth guard, braces fillings, root canal, etc.

The two common dental disorders

There are two common dental disorders that most people suffer from; namely:

  • Underbite – This is a condition where the teeth in the lower jaw are visible in front of the teeth in the upper jaw whenever you close the jaws. This is precisely the opposite of what usually should be. It affects the molars and the upper incisor teeth.
  • Overbite – In this case, the teeth of the upper jaw overlaps that of the lower jaw. Ideally, the overbite should be 3 to 5 mm between the teeth, if it is higher than 5mm it is considered as abnormal. In 70% of the dental disorders in children, overbite is a common problem.

Why these problems should be treated

When you bite, a lot of force is exerted. In people suffering from underbite, this force is used in an uneven manner that leads to the wear and tear of all the teeth in general and not only the ones affected by malocclusion. It increases the chance of your teeth from cracking, chipping and breaking quickly. This condition can be treated with the use of braces. Tribeca Dental Care is associated with some of the best dentists in New York City, who suggest that you use their specialized braces, i.e., Invisalign. This is a clear alternative to the traditional braces. The duration of the treatment depends on some factors like the severity, age and the equipment used. Usually, you can expect to get the results in 12 to 16 months.

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