Four Common Questions About Dental Implants Answered!

Dental implant is a small-screw like structure that is placed into the jawbone where the natural tooth is missing. These fixed structures are then used to support dental prostheses or removable dentures. While dental implants have become a very popular form of treatment and dental implants cost in Sydney has become much affordable, a few queries about its effectiveness and safety are still making the rounds.

In this article, we will address these common queries about dental implants.

  • Can dental implants be used in the case of multiple missing teeth?

Yes. When three or more teeth go missing from the upper or lower jaw, the dentist recommends the use of dental prostheses that is supported by affordable dental implants in Sydney. The dental implant supports a bridge that is connected via screws and the prosthesis framework with the replacement teeth is placed on top. If the patient prefers removable dentures, dental implants can still be useful to ensure better stability for the complete dentures framework.

  • Who can and cannot avail the dental implant treatment?

Adults above the age of 22 are generally eligible for dental implants. Children and adolescents have jawbone that will continue to grow up to a certain age and this may leave the implant behind in an awkward position. Adults with certain medical conditions like diabetes, auto immune conditions, osteoporosis form the high-risk group for dental implant treatment. Men and women who smoke regularly may also face problems with dental implants.

  • Is dental treatment cost a fixed number?

No. Cheap dental implants in Sydney are available but there are significant cost differences between any two patients. The difference can arise from multiple factors like number of teeth to be replaced, existing medical and dental condition of the patient and the quality of dental implant used. Another important factor is the manufacturing process and material used by the dental crown. Some dentists living in the city tend to charge more for their service than the ones living in suburbs. The experience and expertise level of the dentist also plays a major role in determining the overall treatment cost.

  • Is there a chance of dental implant failure?

Affordable dental implants in Sydney are generally very good and can last up to 10 years or more. Over 85% of the cases turn out to be highly successful and patients get back to their normal routine with renewed confidence. However, patients with untreated oral infections, regular smokers, intense diabetes that causes ossification problems, infection in the connective tissue can all cause problems and lead to the failure of the treatment. Sometimes, patients who focus too much on money and end up with low quality implants suffer from broken or fractured dental implants.

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