Fascia and All That You Need To Know About It

There are so many new term that we come across in the fitness industries. We are hence about to discuss a term today, that you probably have not heard a lot.

There are so many people who when asked about “What is Fascia” turn out being completely clueless. In fact, there a few people from the medical backgrounds who are unaware of this term too. Basically there are so many different kind of health, beauty and pain related issue that is linked to this particular term “facia”. Hence without any further ado, let us know what does it actually mean.

Fascia? What is it exactly?

Let us put is across to you in simpler terms. Basically fascia is the systems connective tissue. It is inside to out, head to toe, enveloped and an intertwined system of fibrous connective tissue that is present all across our body. The fascia helps in providing the body a framework which helps in protecting and supporting every organ, muscle groups, and the whole unit of the body.


Understanding from the Visual Point of View

For all those people who are visual learners, imagine your skin as an oranges rind. If the skin is the outer layer of the orange peel, the thick white, fibrous layer that you notice which lies under the peel, can be regarded as the fascia. This is how important it is. You will notice that the thick white section almost enveloped the whole of the orange, the very same concept holds true to the fascia present in your body.

Fascia Coating

We all have a coating of fascia layer right underneath the skin and it envelopes the whole body. This provides a protection, a layer which safeguards the body. It also works as a defensive barrier between the softer tissues and the skin.

Fascia and Its Importance

Fascia helps in covering and supporting the muscles as well as bones, nerves and organs of our body. Fascia is intermingled just as the way threads are in a fabric. Hence it works in linking every body part to ever other part. It helps in binding the human body into a complete whole. This way it functions properly as well as moving structures such as muscles, tendons and joints.

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