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Cannabis oil, better known to the most skilled as hemp seed oil (which in fact perfectly describes its nature) is a medicinal preparation extracted from the cold sperming of Cannabis seeds. Despite the existence of different extraction methods, the one just mentioned is undoubtedly considered the best both in terms of quality of the product extracted due to almost no processing, and in terms of yield and quantity of oil obtained at the end of the process.


There are substantial differences that are instead obtained from the squeezing of the flowers, but more specifically from the distillation of the flowers of Cannabis Sativa, with respect to the pressing of the seeds. The derivative of the extraction from flowers (instead of from seeds) is more commonly known as hashish oil , that is to say a particular oleoresin derived from the strong coloring, tending to brown / dark green which is easily mistaken for the less “astonishing” hemp oil. This is what is usually used for recreational purposes and that is consumed through both vaporization and combustion processes: for example, it appears in numerous images on the web showing variegated and creative Marijuana-based joints and resin oil. With the Premium CBD UK the effects happen to be perfect.


The various uses that over time have been made of hemp oil have been screened by science recently, confirming some of the details and unique properties possessed by this very controversial plant. The uses of oil range in the most varied sectors, from textiles to cosmetics , from use in the industrial environment in which it can be used as biofuel and paint as well as plaster hardener , lubricant and plasticizer to the most famous culinary and sometimes medical field pharmaceutical industry .


In an aspect that strictly takes into account the organic aspects, it should be pointed out that Hemp oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6, contains another small percentage of different essential fatty acids and a dense concentration of vitamin E , B1 and B2 as well as traces of numerous other vitamins.

Thanks to the optimal ratio of the fatty acids contained in it, especially thanks to the right balance between linoleic acid Omega 3 and Omega 6, hemp oil is considered a cure-all for the body like many other antioxidants since in able to maintain a correct cellular balance and therefore favor a healthy and continuous process of osmosis able both to detoxify the body and to heavily counteract the accumulation of free radicals. Moreover, the Omega 3 contained in the squeezed seeds is of great help in the management of cardiovascular pathologies, in a correct metabolization of ingested fats, as well as in the inflammatory response to different stimuli.


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