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Anti-ageing is the new frontier in cosmetic practice, and we are constantly given new arrays of options to address signs of ageing.

While these advances are often focused on general body health and facial enhancements, changes caused by ageing also occur in the breast. While the popular conception of breast surgery is that it usually applies to younger women, there are a number of age-related issues that occur naturally.

The issues to consider are tone and texture of breast tissue, loss of volume, and sagging breasts. All women will be affected by some of these issues at some stage of their lives due to to the ageing process.

There are various ways to improve breasts, restoring volume using breast implants is a key measure. However, there are times when tightening and lifting of the breast tissue is of equal importance, and sometimes a combination of procedures is necessary.

When a woman undergoes breast surgery, the last thing on her mind is having revision surgery – it’s so vital to get things done right the first time by an experienced surgeon. Corrective Breast Surgery refers to a wide-range of procedures. For more information, you can visit next page:

Breast Tone & Sagging

Sometimes if there is sufficient volume remaining in the breast, a procedure called a mastopexy can be used to lift the breast. By doing this, the available breast tissue can be compressed and raised to help restore a fullness of texture and tone. The lifted breasts will have a more perky, youthful appearance.

There are various methods for achieving this, but patients do need to be aware that mastopexy involves a different approach from breast implant surgery. This type of surgery requires an incision around the nipple, and in some cases, there may also be a vertical scar from the nipple to the breast crease.

Volume Restoration

A breast implant is an obvious solution to restore volume. Much has been written about the different shapes and styles of implants available, and the reason there are so many options to choose from is that breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all issue.

There are further options regarding the surface of the implant, mostly whether to use a smooth or textured finish. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and should be addressed in detail during consultation with the surgeon.

Body Balance

The overall aim of breast rejuvenation/correction procedures is to balance the body’s proportions into a pleasing feminine contour. One thing to consider is the effect of reducing abdominal girth through liposuction.

The cosmetic benefits of breast surgery can be greatly enhanced by reducing excess fat off the abdomen. Enhancements can also be made by using liposuction to re-contour the thighs, buttocks and hips. The ultimate aim is to improve body proportion and symmetry and achieve a pleasing form.

Whether minimising parts of the body or augmenting, it is crucial to maintaining an eye for total body balance as this concept is central to successful cosmetic surgery.

Size Reduction

Many articles published about breast sagging focus on increasing volume by using implants, however, there is also a large number of women with the opposite problem with too much breast tissue.

The larger size of the breast creates a greater weight. This can cause skin irritation, neck and back pain, headaches and shoulder grooving from bra straps.

In these circumstances, a breast lift can be combined with a breast reduction, called a reduction mastopexy.


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