Why Childhood Dental Visits are Important?

When you have a baby, you will have so many new things to care about. You would be worrying about their sleeping schedule, eating schedule and their appointments to doctor. That is just the beginning! And beginning is everything! Your child will not have his baby teeth forever. But that doesn’t mean those don’t need meticulous care. This means your child’s dental health now will provide many benefits as they grow because primary teeth serve some extremely important functions. The earlier your child begins getting a regular dental check up, the health of their mouths will stay throughout their life.

What is the Importance of Baby Teeth?

According to dentist Parramatta, child’s baby teeth have some critical importance or functions to do before they fall out.

  1. The baby teeth save space for adult teeth that will arrive down the road as they age.
  2. They help the larger teeth come in properly.
  3. They help introduce children to solid foods.
  4. Baby teeth helps children to learn how to speak because teeth are vital for them to learn words.

When your child loses their teeth at an early age, their oral health and development may be compromised. Also, the tooth decay that develops on baby teeth could cause permanent damage to the developing adult teeth.

How should you Take Care of your Child’s Baby Teeth?

Your child’s primary teeth will be there throughout their childhood helping to bite, chew and speak. So it is essential to make sure they stay healthy until they are lost naturally. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Wipe down your child’s gums with warm cloth once you have completed feeding, even before their first teeth arrive
  2. Once the little thing emerges out, make sure you begin to brush those tiny pearls with small soft toothbrush designed for babies
  3. Starting to brush early create a good habit and acclimate your child to the feel of using a toothbrush in their mouth.

When should your Child see the Dentist Parramatta?

 It is advised by Parramatta dentist that every child should make their first visit to the dentist at least within six months after they get their first tooth. This may seem quite early but, these appointments will allow the dentist to monitor the oral development of your child. Also, early appointments to Parramatta dental clinic would set them up for successful visits in future.

Children also should visit their dentist twice a year like adults. This will help parents to be proactive about any treatment that their child might need or any developmental concerns that you should be aware of as a parent at early stages. Many forms of tooth decay affect babies which can progress from the dense enamel or the outer layer into the inner soft dentin. With early visits, the dentist will also check for cavities and teach you proper pediatric oral hygiene.

Remember,dentist Parramatta are your partners in taking care of your child’s dental health now and for the future providing pleasant and exceptional care!


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