Causes of hair loss in women

There may be many reasons of hair loss both in men and women. Hair for women is like a crown on the head. We all lose hair everyday which is natural; it means that our body is growing. In fact losing it to 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday is normal. A woman body goes through a lot of changes in her entire course of life. But when you see more suddenly that your hair is falling more than required, your pony tail is getting thinner there is a need of concern for you have to consult a doctor.

There may be different reasons of hair loss in women it can be genetic, child birth hormonal imbalance etc. Other reasons of hair loss may happen progressively over time, depending on weather they damage the hair follicle, It can be permanent or temporary.

Why is hair loss in common? Hair loss is a stressful experience for both men and women simultaneously. As hair being the major part of beauty both in men and especially in women and if they see their scalp showing or the hair getting thinner, they would be eggs to find out the reasons behind hair loss.

If there is sudden hair loss it is a matter of great concern. If we lose 50 to 100 strands it is a normal process. But if we see lots of hair facing out than we have to go for a treatment as soon as possible.

Hair Loss Treatment With  hair Transplantation:

Hair is a unique part of our body. When we suddenly start losing hair drastically we are worried. We go in for many home remedies, treatments, changing shampoos and so on but the results are not satisfying. The best treatment for hair loss is hair transplant which is a permanent solution. Hair transplant is a technique where in the hair is removed from the place where there is lot of hair growth (i.e.) back of the head because there hair never fall out and this is called the donor area. These hairs are then implanted to the bald area (i.e.) called the recipient area. In north India hair transplant in Ludhiana and Delhi are emerging  hubs with experienced doctors and with new technologies.

There are surgical methods and non surgical methods for hair transplant. FUE and FUT are the most used techniques for hair transplant is becoming famous all over the world as people have become conscious about their looks. Hair transplant is done in many countries like USA Japan, Korea, Mexico and India is also emerging as a hub for hair transplant.

Reasons for sudden hair loss in women

Hair styling tools:

Anything used excessively is bad for anyone. If you use hairstyling tools like straightners, Gels, Sprays, colors, hair dryers etc. They damage the hair and prolonged use can stop hair growth also.


Many type of medicines cause hair fall in women. Women who have birth control pills can have side effects of hair fall other medicines that can lead to hair fall are anti depressment. NSAIDS,BETA calcium.

Change in diet or weight loss:

Dieting and loosing of weight suddenly can hamper the growth of your hair. That is because these diets deprive our body of essential nutrients which impacts hair growth.


This gland is located in our necks and it produces hormones that are critical for metabolism as well as growth and development when this does not pump out enough hormones then we can see hair loss.


Drugs used to fight cancer can unfortunately lead to hair loss. When the chemotherapy treatment is stopped hair will grow but it will grow different texture or color.


Pregnancy is also a stressful experience for a woman that can cause hair fall. Hair loss in women is actually seen after delivery but not during pregnancy. If you do experience hair loss during this period do not worry it is normal and the hair regrow.


This is also probably one of the reasons for hair loss. Because almost many women suffer from anemia (i.e.) it is caused by iron deficiency.

Tight hair styles:

Tight tying or tight pony tails can cause progressive thinning of the hair line, and if we can continue it the hairline is surely became thinner and thinner and it may also became permanent. This can damage the hair follicles; never try not to tie it tightly.

Going through physical stress ;- When you experience something painful or stressful in your life like death, a big loss, or a divorce we may experience a temporary fall in the growth of hair.


A lot of changes take place in a women’s body. As we age, the rate at which our hair grows slows down. Hair strands became thin and finer.


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