The Best Foods For Boosting Natural Production Of Testosterone

Testosterone is an extremely important male hormone, produced by the testes. The ovaries in a woman also release a small amount of testosterone. The level of testosterone in a man is highest in his adolescent years. Besides being responsible for all the secondary male characteristics, testosterone is also responsible for many other functions in the body, including libido and building muscles.

With age and due to other factors, the levels of the hormone may start to drop. While we have heard of creams, pills, pellets, and testosterone replacement therapy, diet is an easy way to restore testosterone production. In this post, we will talk about foods that are rich in hormone precursors and can help in balancing testosterone levels.

Understanding the bigger picture

Testosterone production is not about the testes alone. Testes work on the instructions of other glands of the endocrine system, mainly the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Eating certain foods may help in managing and bettering the function of these glands.  When a patient has low testosterone, doctors usually mix the hormone replacement treatments with dietary changes.

What to eat?

When it comes to testosterone production, a lot of factors are responsible in different ways, and diet is surely one of them. Experts and dieticians usually advise men to eat foods that are rich in minerals like zinc and magnesium, besides Vitamin D. One of the best sources of Vitamin D is tuna, which also works wonders as a source of protein. Tuna is available fresh and in canned variants, but try to get freshly-cut packets. The next food that can help in testosterone production is egg yolks. For more zinc, you can include beef liver and oysters in your diet, as well, or other seafood items like lobsters and crabs. If you are a vegetarian, Broccoli is a great pick, as it aids testosterone production by decreasing the levels of estrogen. Other super foods that you can have include bananas, garlic, and nuts.

If you are concerned with testosterone production and have symptoms like decreased energy, lower libido, mood swings, and changes in sleeping patterns, talk to a doctor right away. It is important to seek medical treatment at the earliest, because in most early cases, boosters are enough to restore the production of the hormone. Also, you can find a lot of relevant and important posts online, as well, which might give a better idea of dealing with these symptoms.

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