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Dentistry has always been a fine art practiced by the best in the business. Taking care of perhaps one of the most vital parts of our body, our teeth, is a different ballgame when compared with the rest of the body. It is perhaps why dentistry has been developed as a branch separated from general medicine. This is not an attempt to undermine dentists, rather uplift them, for the magnificent work they do. Giving people the best smiles possible is something that takes a lot, and dentists are happy to oblige.

How Professional are they?

As far as New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada is concerned, Asante dental provides some of the best dental services in the whole area. Comprehensive dental care using state of the art technology is what they excel at. Oral cancer screening using VELscope, digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure and dental lasers are a few technological elements being put to good use at Asante dental center. Removing decayed tooth structure with dental lasers affords minimal to no freezing to patients, resulting in painless procedures. Lasers are also put to use in treating oral ulcers, gum diseases, and sensitive teeth.

Customer Care

Asante dental center the new Westminster dentist puts their patients above anything else. Due to their extremely professional practices and top of the line dental services, they have come out as one of the best dental services in New Westminster, BC, Canada. They schedule appointments as per customer likings and availability, with evening appointments offered on Thursdays after 5 pm. Their dental blog, available on their website, is a joy to read and provides crucial dental care information for all patrons. Both general and cosmetic dentistry services are provided at Asante dental. Combining the best in class dental services with professionalism, Asante dental center is surely one of the best options when it comes to dental services in New Westminster.

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