Amazing Uses and Benefits of Frankincense Oil

There are a lot of different pure essential oils that you can find on the market now days. You can use a specific essential oil for specific benefits such as some promote relaxation, some boost cleaning power and some even disinfect. One of the less common and known oils is known as Frankincense Oil. Learn more about the benefits of doTERRA Frankincense essential oil and how to use it.

What is Frankincense?

Frankincense comes from a tree known as the Boswellia tree. This tree is from parts of India, northern Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula. To get the Frankincense, the bark of the Boswellia tree is cut strategically in horizontal lines. Once it is cut, a sap will start to come out. Without damaging the tree it can only be cut a couple of times a year and after a few years of retrieving the sap, the tree will need to be left alone for a period of time to be able to rejuvenate. The sap is scraped off the tree and given time to harden completely and then the purest Frankincense is almost completely white. Then the Frankincense essential oil is made by steam distilling the dried sap. A very potent and earthy smell is created, which is the Frankincense oil.

Uses of Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense can be used to make lotion bars and soaps. Frankincense can also be used as an air freshener in a room diffuser or in an incense stick. A diluted form of Frankincense can be used to apply to reduce appearance of any scars and imperfections that one may want to clear up.

Benefits of Frankincense?

Frankincense has several benefits when used topically and as a scent. When Frankincense is used topically on the skin, it has been shown to be able to promote healthy cell regeneration function as well as reduce inflammation and help joints stiffness. Frankincense also can promote healing of minor wounds reducing appearance of skin imperfections or bug bites and to reduce scaring or to help tighten skin. When diffused in the air, Frankincense can help promote relaxation and help with a better night’s rest. Frankincense also has been shown to promote protection against carcinogens and radicals that can cause a feeling of low energy.

Frankincense comes with numerous health benefits when used daily. Make sure that the oil being purchased is a high-quality oil, though, because the cheaper ones can be diluted and won’t have the same effects. Visit a trusted manufacturer like doTERRA, to learn more and make sure you get pure essential oils.

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