The Advantage of a Clean Room Intercom System

Clean Rooms are defined by their separation from the normal world, and their separation from other clean rooms – in fact, it’s this separation that allows them to do their jobs, protecting people from hazardous chemicals and biological agents, or shielding critically delicate materials, procedures and substances from the dangers of the outside world.

Within a cleanroom, the environment is perfectly controlled – but what happens when this bubble of secure isolation becomes a hindrance, rather than a help? What happens when communications must be sent between the sealed clean room and the outside world?

In these cases, an intercom system is necessary. These systems come with many advantages and disadvantages, each inherent to the type of system, but only one is without the flaws of the others.

Maintains Security

The single biggest advantage of a clean room intercom system is that it maintains the security of the room. A closed system which must remain closed to function, the staff cannot just open the door or crack a window to speak through it, so the intercom allows them to transmit their voices outside without compromising the safety of the room.

Instantaneous and Easy

Speaking is the most natural thing in the world to most of us, and is far easier than sending an email, a text message or a complex flag-signal from inside the cleanroom. An intercom system, as a real-time clean room communication system, allows the staff to talk as easily as they would without the barriers in place, while preserving their integrity.


This advantage applies specifically to melaphones, which are a sort of cylinder through the glass of the clean room, with all particles stopped by barriers in the tube. However, sound can still pass through, allowing the people on either side of the glass to easily communicate. Without the need for reams of wire or spools of cable, the melaphone is easier and neater to install, has no parts that may wear or fail, and is entirely self-contained. As a voice communication system, it is entirely self-sufficient.

Uses No Electricity

Another benefit melaphones have over other clean room intercom systems is that a melaphone is entirely independent of electricity, and operates on simple physical principles. Without the need for a power supply, the voice communication system is much more compact and easy to operate, and does not incur any additional costs like increased electricity bills or maintenance costs.

As well as being cost-effective in this regard, the melaphone is also carbon neutral, requiring no power and no complex parts, making this clean room intercom system the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious clean room operator.

Safe and Reliable

When maintaining a clean room environment, it is crucial that the seal protecting the room is maintained – it is impossible to safely communicate with the outside world without an intercom system, as any attempt to open a door or window would quickly lead to clean room failure. Melaphones and other voice communication systems allow the safety of the room to be maintained, and keep the staff, general public and contents of the rooms protected. For these reasons, you may want to consider a clean room intercom system for any situation in which a barrier is required, but communication remains necessary.

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