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Would you be able to recognize the signs of substance abuse? Some people cannot, this includes individuals who drink excessively or smoke, snort and use drugs intravenously. These habits might eventually result in full-blown dependency.

Fortunately, our addiction treatment centers Palm Beach County residents and visitors can find help for these conditions. We have experience in being able to detect the warning signs of addiction and with proper observation, you will be able to discern them as well. We have listed a few symptoms below. 

Indications of people who might be affected by liquor and drugs include:

* Irritation – Individuals who suddenly have extreme mood swings, restlessness or easily get agitated about trivial matters, could possibly be abusing drugs.

*Reclusiveness – If a person was previously outgoing, but then starts to become reclusive, that could be telling. When they do appear, they have injuries from being drunk or high and they cannot explain what happened.

*Appearance – Many individuals will began to look disheveled. This could be a combination of infrequent bathing, soiled clothes, dirty hair and a total disregard for how they look.

*Physical Issues – Blood shot eyes, shaky hands, broken blood vessels on the face and a crimson to pallor complexion usually accompanies those with these maladies. Other symptoms may include throwing up, body tremors, migraines and a lack of appetite. This should alert a loved one that this individual needs to be placed in a rehabilitation center.

*History – If the parents had a history of drug and alcohol problems, it makes their offspring more susceptible to follow in the same footsteps.

*Neglect- Once involved in life and activities, people with drug and alcohol troubles will allow their grades to drop if they are in school, stop visiting family members they were once close to and have no interest in anything they once took pride in doing.

*Ignoring Danger – Under the influence, individuals will take risk they would not take if sober or if they were using good judgment. This includes poor driving, which could result in an accident or worse.

Our addiction treatment centers Palm Beach County residents and visitors can count on our recovery program. We have a licensed professional staff, which will provide excellent care to the patients.

We offer in and out patient support, individual and group counseling, relapse prevention programs and more. We know that our clients require a plan in which their needs are met, so we customize a procedure to help them obtain progress for a better lifestyle and success in the end.

If you or a loved one need to get help, please do not hesitate to contact our rehab facility.

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