A Guide on Some of the Best In-Ear Monitors for Musicians and Sound Engineers

All musicians, sound engineers, and DJs are bound to wear headphones for long hours. When the ears are exposed to such varied frequencies over and over again, there are chances that they’ll likely catch some or the other kinds of hearing disorders. And the two such disorders that every musician and music enthusiast should be aware of are:

  1. Tinnitus
  2. Hyperacusis

Tinnitus is that constant ringing noise that you feel in your ears even when there’s no actual sound source present. So, it’s necessary that you go to reputable audiologists at clinics like Audiologie Centre Ouest to get regular assessments and tests done so that, if you have any hearing impairment, it can be taken care of easily. 

That said, we will now be taking you through some of the best ear muffs and ear muff brands that you should trust as a musician. Have a look! 

Best In-Ear Monitor Brands 

  1. Sensaphonics

Sensaphonics is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of music accessories like ear muffs and in-ear monitors for sound engineers and musicians. Founded by Michael Santucci, a renowned audiologist, in the year 1985, this firm specializes in building custom made ear muffs for all their clients. 

  1. Jerry Harvey Audio

Do not think twice when it’s a Jerry Harvey Audio in-ear monitor that you intend to buy. This is a 25-year-old company that designs and manufactures its own line of ear muffs that are compatible with most modern IEM devices. 

Another popular brand that is quite trustworthy is Ultimate Ears and you can find out everything about them, here

That said, let’s now take you through a couple of premium quality in-ear monitors that you must try even if you’re a music lover and not a professional musician. 

Have a look!

  1. 2MAX In-ear Monitor

One of the best ear muffs in the world, this one exhibits the following properties. 

  • It’s entirely and truly compatible with IEM systems (wired as well as wireless).
  • It’s an almost universal ear muff for portable audio devices. 
  • It has a dual driver. 
  • It produces neutral quality sound that’s clear and noise-free. 
  1. 3MAX ™ In-ear Monitor

This super comfortable Audiologie Centre Ouest protection auditive in-ear monitor, with medical grade silicone earpieces, offers exceptional sound isolation. Some of its noteworthy features include the following. 

  • It has a triple driver. 
  • It produces much higher and clear bass. 
  • It is compatible with IEMs and portable audio devices of all kinds. 

Do not forget to visit the Audiologie Centre West website for more details about many such products, and tests and assessment services that they provide.

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