9 Signs You Need Treatment for Valium Addiction

Valium was developed to help people cope with stress. But people can quickly become addicted to it. Sometimes this can happen without them even knowing it. Here are 9 signs that you need to seek treatment for Valium addiction:

1. You Need Larger and Larger Doses to Achieve the Same Effect

A telltale sign of Valium addiction is needing increasingly higher doses. If you are taking more Valium than what your doctor prescribed just to achieve the same effect a normal dose once provided, you need to seek help as soon as possible.

2. You Crave the Drug

Valium is prescribed to relieve stress. But if you are taking it for reasons other than this, it can be a sign of addiction. This is especially true if you crave the drug and its effect. If this craving supersedes your need to relieve stress, it is time to seek help.

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3. You Have Become Isolated

It is common for those suffering from Valium addiction to become isolated from loved ones, such family and friends. If coinciding with your use of Valium you find that you are not spending time with loved ones like you used to and are instead spending more and more time alone, it could be a sign that you have become addicted to the drug and need help.

4. The Drug Is Causing You Serious Problems

Many people who abuse Valium find themselves facing serious problems. These problems can come in a variety of forms. You may be experiencing problems in your personal relationships or you could be experiencing problems at work. You could even be experiencing legal problems. If you are experiencing such problems and still continue to use the drug, these problems could spiral out of control. This could lead to broken relationships including divorce, or you could lose your job. You could even end up in prison. So, it is important to get help.

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5. You Have Lost Interest in Activities You Once Enjoyed

Everyone has a set of activities that they love. This could be engaging in a particular sport or it could be something as simple as regularly going clothes shopping. But if you find yourself no longer participating in activities you once loved because of your drug use, it can be a sign of Valium addiction and a sign that you need help.

6. You Have Been Ignoring Obligations

Just like everyone has a set of activities that they enjoy, everyone has a set of obligations that they must fulfill. These can be family or work obligations, or they can be personal obligations, such as paying your bills on time. If your use of Valium is causing you to ignore these obligations, you need to get help.

  1. You Are Suffering Withdrawal Symptoms

Those who are addicted to Valium often experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to cut down on their use of the drug. These symptoms can include shaking and both physical and psychological discomfort, and they can often lead to increased Valium use as a means to counter them. Withdrawal is a difficult thing to conquer on your own, if not impossible. If you are suffering such symptoms, you should seek professional treatment.

8. You Appear Intoxicated Often

People who abuse Valium often appear intoxicated, much as if they had been abusing alcohol. Signs of Valium intoxication can include impaired coordination, double vision or slurred speech. If you are experiencing these signs (or if people tell you that you are experiencing them), you should strongly consider treatment.

9. Your Eating Behavior Has Changed

Many people who have become addicted to Valium experience changes in the way they eat. This includes having a lack of appetite, which can be accompanied by a significant loss in weight. Other symptoms can include vomiting and nausea. If you are experiencing such problems, you need to get help, as it could lead to serious health problems that go beyond addiction.

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