6 Important Things You Should Honestly Admit To Your Doctor

Whether you are visiting a doctor for a general medical advice or a surgery, you should tell her everything about your habits and practices that may be related to your health.

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This is important for enabling the doctor to decide the best course of treatment for you and also understand what among your habits may affect the medications so that he can caution you.

Here are a few of the important things you should reveal to your doctor in order to get the best treatment.

1. Your Age

People become conscious about their age especially when they start reaching middle age and are tempted to reduce some years while telling what their age is.

This may not make any big difference when you do it with a new friend or a stranger, but a doctor should essentially be told your real age.

This is not only important to let them decide the right treatment for you, but also to maintain the doctor-patient trust because the doctor will ultimately find your real age.

If he finds that you’ve lied about your age, he may wonder whether you’ve lied about other things too.

2. The Way You Take Your Medications

When your doctor prescribes you the best medications but still you have complaints about your condition, be honest to your doctor when she asks you how you applied that cream or how often you took the pills.

If you are not honest about this, the doctor cannot figure out why the medication is not working for you.

3. Food You Eat

If you are afraid of telling your doctor that you eat a lot of sweets, fried foods and other junk foods, he won’t be able to help you much.

Several patients cannot admit the hardships they experience while complying with the suggested diet; so, they find it easier to lie that they are not eating anything unhealthy.

Rather than feeling embarrassed about having sweet cravings, admit to your doctor what’s failing you, and that will help your doctor to give you the best advice.

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4. Your Smoking Habits

You may lie to your family and friends that you smoke only socially, but actually may use up a whole pack every day.

Doctors commonly advise to quit or reduce smoking and so, you are tempted to tell a lie.

However, you must understand that nicotine is very unfavorable for healing.

Several surgeons may not perform some specific surgeries because the incision may rupture leading to conspicuous scarring after a prolonged healing process e.g. after a surgery like gynecomastia treatment as performed at https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/gynecomastia-surgery-melbourne/ or at other reputable cosmetic clinic in your area.

So, sometimes patients lie about smoking just because the doctor should perform the surgery, but ultimately they just hurt themselves.

5. Supplements

You may feel embarrassed to admit that you take supplements or herbal medicines just because you feel that the doctor may scold you for believing in naturopathy.

Actually the truth is opposite. Your doctor should understand what you are taking in order to prescribe medications that won’t cause a problem by interfering with the supplements.

6. Your Previous Treatments

Being honest about your past treatments, e.g. ulthera facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, to your new doctor will reduce future complications such as reactions, scar tissue formation and similar things.

All in all, don’t lie to your doctor about anything and your doctor would give you the best treatment possible to make you healthy and happy.



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