5 Ways Marion Addicts Can Have Fun in Recovery


One consideration of many people in recovery and many addicts considering getting clean is that they think that recovery will not be any fun stated Drug Rehab Marion social workers.  Since drugs and alcohol have become a bit of a staple at social functions where people are enjoying themselves, an association tends to be built.  Through the longevity of use of drugs or alcohol in social situations, people begin to associate substance abuse with fun. This leads to individuals in recovery, or people thinking of getting clean believing that there will not be any fun in recovery.  

Recovery is a Fun Experience

The truth is quite the contrary; people in recovery tend to have quite a lot of fun.  If people had absolutely no fun in recovery, than no one would ever get clean.  The fact is that use of drugs and alcohol over time can dull the senses and enjoyment in an individual’s life.  When someone gets clean and goes into recovery, they many times find that activities they used to do become more fun because they are fully experiencing them and remembering the experience.  They also start to enjoy more activities that they had not before.  Recovering people in Marion, Illinois are trying to figure out the best ways to have fun and enjoy themselves.2

There are a multitude of activities that people can do to have fun in recovery.  Here are 5 ways an individual can have fun in recovery:

  • Outdoor Activities – There are tons of outdoor activities that an individual can do that can be a blast.  This could include things like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, swimming, hiking, or tubing.
  • Sports – Sports can be great ways for people to enjoy themselves.  It allows them to do something good for their body and mind, as well as enjoy themselves.  A person could play a sport they already know or try something new.  Going out and trying basketball, tennis or soccer could be the perfect way to have fun in recovery.  
  • Working Out – Working out is not only productive, but many people have fun with it as well.  Working out can reduce stress and provide many other benefits to the body and mind.  Trying to reach that next level of what your body can achieve can be exhilarating.
  • Take Part in the Arts – The arts can be one of the most enjoyable and fun things out there.  Whether you choose to partake in music, drawing, painting, sculpting or writing, these can all be great ways to have fun.  You can take classes in these to get better, and meet other like-minded artists as well.
  • Spending Time with Friends and Family – Spending time with the right people can be one of the most enjoyable things out there.  Going to dinner with a friend or family can furnish enormous amounts of fun.  The great thing about spending time with friends or family is that they can participate in the other activities above with you as well.  

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction in Marion, Illinois, give us a call today.  Finding the right type of treatment or treatment center can be difficult sometimes but we can assist with that.  Call us today so we can help you find the perfect private residential program for you or your loved one.  

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