5 Types of Sports Injuries That Can Be Cured with Massage Therapy

The athletes are always at a risk of sustaining severe injuries. These injuries can be traumatic to the muscles and joint tissues. In the worst-case scenario, they may force you to stay out of an impending tour. The body is put through excessive stress in the sports training and sometimes, the injuries become inevitable. For treatment of many sports-related injuries, a professional massage in Albuquerque can prove highly effective. An expert therapist can get you back on the field with improved muscle conditions and alleviated pain.

Here are the injuries that you may sustain during a game:

  1. Spraining of the Ankle:

During intense sports training and activities, the ligaments of your ankle may be stretched to their maximum potential. This condition causes acute pain along with loss of power in the lower muscles and low stability. An ankle sprain occurs in 3 main degrees that can be identified by an Albuquerque massage therapist. In the first degree of pain, you may experience small tearing in the ligament that does not hamper walking. The second degree causes obvious pain even when resting while the third degree has a larger tear in the ligament. It causes an excruciating pain. The first two stages can be cured with the help of massage therapy but, you need to undergo a surgery for the third condition.

  1. Cervical Injuries:

In the contact sports like football and diving, a cervical injury can lead to the end of a glorious career. This injury to the head is extremely painful and severe. When the sportspersons exert additional pressure on their neck muscles, they become vulnerable to sustaining a neck injury. The passive stretching and other subtle massage therapies can help in curing this condition and alleviate the tension in the muscles.

  1. An Injury to Achilles Tendon:

This tendon is in the posterior of your legs and supports the movements like walking, running, and jumping. In the high adrenaline sports like basketball, the players have higher chances of injuring their Achilles tendon. Whenever this injury occurs, you should put ice on the tendon and reach out to an expert of massage in Albuquerque. In the event of this injury, a plantar flexion exercise and stretching of the tendons can prove highly effective.

  1. Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis:

This injury can affect any sportsperson who overstretch their elbows when playing. It is caused due to a repetitive stress on the extensor muscles that are attached to the lateral epicondyle in the elbows. This condition can be largely healed with an effective mobile massage in Albuquerque.

  1. An Injury to the Clavicle:

If an athlete falls on the side with or without an outstretched hand, an injury may be sustained due to the pressure affecting the collarbone. A broken clavicle can be identified by a cracking and popping sound. It can be cured with a lot of rest and subtle massage that should begin only when the bone mends.

These are five types of sports injuries for which you should consult a professional Albuquerque massage therapist immediately.


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