5 Great In-Demand Healthcare Careers

A healthcare career is a rewarding, important job to have in today’s society. Though often both physically and mentally challenging, a career in healthcare is vital for society to run smoothly. For those looking for employment in the industry, there are always jobs in demand. Here are five great, rewarding, in-demand healthcare careers you may want to consider.

1. Registered Nurse

This is a highly in-demand career to consider when thinking about moving into health care employment. As of 2016, over three million nurses were registered in the country. Despite this, a further one million are needed, according to reports.

Registered nurses can work in outpatient care, nursing care facilities, and home health care services providing a wide array of possibilities for those considering a career change later. At a growth of 22.2% in 2018, a career as a registered nurse is a worthwhile investment when considering healthcare careers.

2. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapy is another viable option when moving into medical careers, especially considering the increasing demand.

Respiratory therapists help people in recovering physically from various lung disorders. This can include assisting in the recovery of asthma, conducting a variety of respiratory capacity tests and preventing long-term damage from being sustained. This large area of expertise focused on all age groups and a graduate degree in respiratory therapy is required to earn a position. If you want to learn more about respiratory therapist programs and what the job entails, you can visit bestrespiratorytherapyprograms.com.

3. Pharmacy Technician/ Pharmacist

As of 2018, there has been a 32% increase in jobs for pharmacists, meaning more and more positions are likely to become necessary with increased demand. With this rapid growth set to continue, a pharmaceutical career is worth considering when looking into health care employment options.

Pharmacists are trained in distributing medications prescribed by doctors. Trends in drugs are always changing as new information comes in, making this job important in ensuring the correctness and safety of drugs. A Diploma or standard Pharmacy Degree will set you on the right track to becoming a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

4. Physician’s Assistant

Working as a physician’s assistant is another career path considering the increased demand for doctors. With a 39% growth in 2018, this option is a great choice, especially if you already have some basic medical training.

The formation for becoming a Physician’s assistant takes about 2 years minimum. It is also a job many registered nurses or paramedics step into at a point throughout their medical career.

5. Paramedic

There is currently a shortage of paramedics, and this should be high on the list for anyone looking for careers in healthcare. Not only is this an important career, but it opens up an array of options for further healthcare career paths.

A career as a Paramedic requires only basic training, as well as certification by the state, making entry easier than many other fields. It is also one of the highest paying non-physician jobs in the healthcare field.


All these positions are in high demand and prospects are very good as well. Whatever career path you choose, make sure you pick that fits your aptitudes and interests above all.

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