5 Causes and Solutions for Bad Breath

Also known as as exhalation, dangerous breath will be embarrassing and in some cases could even cause anxiety. With store shelves are overflowing with gum, mouthwashes, mints, and other products, these goods are only temporaryprocessessince they don’t point the reason of the problem.

The major causes of bad breath include,

  • Food
  • Health conditions
  • Habits

With constant dental hygiene, you can improve bad breath. Also, follow the instructions from your Penrith dentist to be sure that a more criticaldisorder isn’t producing your wicked breath.

Dry Mouth

Throughout the day in your mouth yields a litre of saliva and produces a very minor amount of saliva in night. When your mouth gets dry out the little bacteria inside it start to pong.


Drink more water or chew sugar-free gum.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Bad breath is caused by irregular brushing and flossing. When there is no proper brushing or flossing, food scraps get stuck between your teeth, increase the number of stenchespersuading bacteria inside your mouth and start to smell. The smell is produced by the waste item for consumption of these bacteria nourishing on the remains.


Brush and floss regularly every morning and night because brushing will dislodge the mucus-coated and protected bacteria that can then be removed by your saliva. Schedule dental check-up in a dental clinic in Penrith every six months and have the plaque cleaned off your teeth.


Quit smoking and alcohol, and avoid sugary foods. When it comes to coffee, tea, garlic and other digestible, drink more water when you consume these. Use chewing gums that help your mouth to produce more saliva which freshens up your breath.

Bacterial Build Up

White covering you see on your tongue is caused by the bacterial build-up, and these growing bacteria will jump to source of a pong.


Scrape your tongue daily to remove these bacteria and drink a lot of water.

Too Much Use of Mouthwash

Even though mouthwashes are claimed to reduce bad breath, it will dry off your mouth if it has excess alcohol. This causes additional unhealthy breath because it kills not solely the unhealthy smelly bacterium however conjointly the great ones too.


Throw the commercial stuff and switch over to the fabulous cheap recipe of a salt-water gargle instead.

Other reasons include,

  • Tonsil problems
  • Postnasal dip
  • Disease
  • Poor metabolism and more.

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